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4 Reasons Why Every Runner Should Use Cryotherapy

The benefits of cryotherapy for runners are exciting and a single three-minute session in a cryochamber can be truly rejuvenating.


Due to the extreme cold, your blood is first pulled toward your core. Then, re-oxygenated and cleansed of toxins, your blood flows back out to your muscles, ready to repair them after a hard workout or long run.

Cryotherapy sessions at Revitalab are quick, easy, and most importantly, cold. With temperatures as low as -240 degrees, this is much different than your average ice bath (Cryotherapy vs Ice Bath: Which is Better?). If you’re interested in giving it a try, check out these four reasons why every runner should use cryotherapy!

1. Cryotherapy will help you recover faster.

This study from 2015 followed 11 athletes who were tested after two workouts - one that included a cryotherapy recovery session at the end and one that did not. The researchers found that whole body cryotherapy “improves acute recovery during high-intensity intermittent exercise,” possibly due to enhanced oxygenation in the muscles and reduced cardiovascular strain.

2. Cryotherapy reduces inflammation.

After a hard workout, may runners experience inflammation which makes the muscles sore. This feeling can be uncomfortable, but cryotherapy can help. A recent review looked at multiple studies on cryotherapy for athletes and concluded that “WBC [whole body cryotherapy] induces anti-inflammatory effects.”

3. Cryotherapy can fit into any schedule.

Another benefit of cryotherapy for runners is that it’s ultra-flexible and easy to fit into your busy schedule. While ice baths are most effective only in the two hours following a workout, cryotherapy can be done anytime - including immediately before or after your run! If finding time to focus on your recovery has been tough, the flexible nature of cryotherapy is the answer.

4. Elite Runners use cryotherapy.

Alberto Salazar is an accomplished distance runner and a famed coach at the Nike Oregon Project. He encourages his team to use cryotherapy for recovery because, he says, “athletes felt better and recovered better when they were using the cryo treatments.”

Olympic gold-medalist Matt Centrowitz, Olympic middle-distance runner Shannon Rowbury, 2016 US ten-mile road champion Jordan Hasay, and Galen Rupp, a silver-medal winner at the London Olympics and bronze-medal winner in Rio de Janeiro, all use cryotherapy to train better and recover faster. Did you know that Jordan Hasay and Galen Rupp came in to do cryo at our old location, check it out!

Explore the Benefits of Cryotherapy at Revitalab

Cryotherapy for runners has many benefits, and the short sessions can have a lasting impact on your training and recovery.

Cryotherapy can help you recover faster and reduce inflammation as well. Plus, it’s easy to fit into even the busiest schedule. Elite runners and Olympians use cryotherapy to aid their own training and recovery, and now you can too at Revitalab.

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Are you ready to take your running to the next level? Experience the benefits of cryotherapy for runners at Revitalab and book your session today!

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