Imagine stepping inside a private oasis where you can sit back and let the light infuse your body with warmth and comfort. Our sauna provides a superior immersion in infrared radiant heat is uniquely designed to heal and detoxify by combining infrared light with chromotherapy. The radiant heat emitted from our sauna penetrates deeply into the muscles, joints, and body alleviating pain and removing impurities on a cellular level. 

The Only Sauna in Chicago That Provides a 360 Infrared Sauna Experience!


Chromotherapy, or color light therapy, adds another layer of healing to your sauna experience. It has been shown to ease the winter blues, alleviate stress, combat depression, and has been used in ancient civilizations across the globe from the Egyptians to the Mayans. Whether you are looking to detoxify, relieve pain, or just relax, our infrared sauna will satisfy all of your needs.


  • Hydration is key, not only with water but a good source of electrolytes. Bring a bottle or drink the water provided

  • We recommend that you sauna in your “birthday suit,” as the more skin exposed, the greater the sweat and detox

  • Towels are provided 

  • You can bring reading material or hook your phone up to our BT speaker

  • We recommend you do not apply lotion or oil to you body before your sauna session

Did you say DETOX?! Sign me up!