Fresh Coast Salt Therapy

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Dry Salt Therapy is simple to understand.  There are three primary characteristics of pure sodium chloride, NaCl, known as salt:

  1. Salt is super absorbent (especially when it is completely dry)

  2. Salt is anti-bacterial

  3. Salt is anti-inflammatory

Active salt rooms include a halogenerator and are primarily based on providing a controlled way of providing micronized particles of salt in the air to be inhaled and exposed to the skin.  This can be achieved only by a special piece of equipment known as a halogenerator.  Pure sodium chloride is placed into the halogenerator, which then precisely crushes and grinds the salt into specific micronized particles and disperses the salt aerosol into the air in a closed environment such as a room or chamber.  This type of dry salt therapy is known as Halotherapy.

How Dry Salt Therapy Improves the Respiratory System

Scientific research has found that inhaled dry salt particles have bactericide, mucokinetic, hydrophilic, and anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to reduce inflammation in the entire respiratory tract and widen the airway passages.  Dry salt particles are also known to accelerate the transportation of mucus, the elimination of residual tar and foreign allergens.  A clean respiratory system naturally results in higher oxygen intake, increased energy and an improved immune system.