Personal Training


Beginning a personal training program can help with many aspects of one's life from weight loss, strength gains, increased sports performance, increased flexibility and mobility, injury prevention, corrective exercise and much more.  Whether 1-1 or semi-private, clients will obtain a personalized program designed to achieve their individual goals.

Group Training


Training with a friend or family member can be a great motivation as well as cost effective. Regardless of a clients fitness level, our coaches can identify and modify exercises so that everyone can maximize their time in the gym.

BioSignature Modulation


Poliquin BioSignature modulation is a cutting edge non invasive fat loss and wellness program. The program, now exclusively taught by Poliquin Group, is based on the correlation between body fat storage and hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances are often the culprit of stubborn body fat storage and other health concerns including poor sleep, low energy, impaired cognitive function and more. The BioSignature method focuses on addressing these imbalanced to improve body composition and over well being! Click here to learn more!